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Review by “Ted”, March 10, 2024

Just took Epson Event Manager for a spin, and wow, it actually makes managing scanner tasks a breeze!

I was a bit skeptical at first, thinking it would be another generic utility app, but it pleasantly surprised me. Setting up quick actions for all my scanning needs? Pretty slick! Sure, the interface could use a touch-up – it feels a bit retro- but once you get used to where everything is, it is like having a neat little command center right at your fingertips. Very cool for getting the job done with less fuss!

Review by “Mimi”, March 25, 2024

I just gave the Epson Event Manager a whirl, and I gotta say, it is not too shabby for what it’s supposed to do.

First off, the ease of setting up scan-to-email and other quick tasks is a total game changer. It is like, I hit a couple of buttons and bam, my sketches are flying off to my email or saved as a PDF on my desktop. This feature alone is a massive time-saver and keeps things flowing smoothly when I am juggling school projects and my graphic design hustle.

The user interface looks like it was designed a decade ago, which is a bit of a downer when you are used to sleek, modern apps. It does the job, sure, but navigating through those outdated menus can feel like a trek through a digital museum, which is kind of a drag.

Another cool aspect is the customization options. You can pretty much tailor all the shortcuts to fit exactly what you need, which is clutch when you are trying to streamline your workflow and cut down on unnecessary clicks. But, this customization can be a bit overwhelming at first – it is like, where do I even start?

Epson Event Manager definitely holds its own with some solid features that can make life easier, even if it looks like it is stuck in the past. I think it is worth getting past the initial learning curve to really make those scanning tasks a breeze.

Review by “Ted”, May 2, 2024

It is not perfect, and sometimes it feels a bit clunky, but overall, it is pretty decent. Definitely makes things easier once you get the hang of it.

I have been messing around with it for a bit now, and even though I know a thing or two about software, this one is pretty cool, I guess.

The Scan to Email feature is super handy. Like, you just scan whatever, and bam, you can send it right off in an email. Saves a ton of time instead of like scanning to a computer, then attaching it manually and all that. Really smooth.

Then there is the Customizable Shortcuts. This is a lifesaver for real because you can set up whatever tasks you do the most right at your fingertips. For example, if you scan a lot of artwork like me, you can have a shortcut just for that. Makes things way less of a headache.

Review by “Anonymous”, May 8, 2024

It does the job pretty well.

The settings adjustments are super useful. You can tweak all sorts of things like the scan size, choose the target folder where you save stuff, set the resolution high for those detailed scans, and even pick the document format – PDF, JPEG, you name it. It is pretty versatile, which is great for someone who has to handle different types of documents and wants them just right.

You can basically tailor the whole scanning process to fit your needs. Whether you are dealing with loads of paper or just need a quick scan of something small, adjusting these settings makes it way easier to get what you need without fussing around too much.

Makes my life a lot easier, especially when I am in a rush and need things scanned and sorted fast.